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in Central America, Costa Rica boasts more economic and political stability. The country also has a fairly mild economic growth rate, it is still a relatively free and democratic country so there are not a lot of Americans living in the nation at this time. Costa Rica’s economy depends largely on coffee and sugar exports, so its overall debt doesn’t have an adverse effect on its currency. On the other hand, the large number of American military personnel who are based at Fazenda, amo and San Jose in Costa Rica means there is a strong American presence in the country and retirement options for them are pretty good.

The retirement choices for Americans who live in Costa Rica are varied but you will find that the best place to retire for a few years is San Jose. This is due to two factors; the low cost of living in Costa Rica and the highly developed health care system in this area. In San Jose, the hospitals and health clinics are world class and the doctors are extremely well qualified for their field.The tax system is https://www.bestplacesretire.com/ also favorable to retirees here.

In Buenaventura, on the western coast of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific, is the city of Manzanillo. Here, retirees will find that the real estate market is much easier than that in San Jose and the real estate prices are, generally speaking, much easier to sell. There are also plenty of excellent golf courses in Manzanillo and a very vibrant night life. Both these cities make for a great retirement location.

In San Jose, the lifestyle for retirees is varied. They can choose from upscale condos to affordable apartments and even town homes to villas with private pools. They can enjoy all the benefits of modern living and still be just a short bus ride away from the beach, surfing and other activities that appeal to the older crowd. In Costa Rica, retirement options are almost limitless. The good news is that the cost of living is such that retirees have little difficulty making a comfortable living while spending as little money as possible on actual estate.

One of the best places to retire to is the central region of the country, which is along the Pacific Ocean. Here one can enjoy the tropical climate, the clean and green environment, plenty of fresh air and the local cuisine. Retirees can also experience the wonderful authentic Costa Rican culture. Activities include golfing on the famed Golf del Carmen course, sailing on the river Cartagena or boating along the Caribbean Sea. All in all, this is a slower pace but one that will provide retirees with a truly memorable retirement experience.

For those considering retiring to Costa Rica, the second best option is the Southern Coast. This place has a tropical climate, with a slight southerly twist, and very few tourists. Costs are more reasonable here than the more popular Northern region, and the lifestyle is much friendlier. A Residency visa is required for all permanent residents of Costa Rica, so be sure to apply for your Costa Rica retirement visa early

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